2022 04 08

CCTV "Economic 30 Minutes" Reports Rural Commissioner Live Streaming Marketing for A Village in Jilin

"Down-home" live streaming marketing leads villagers towards wealth. On Mar 23, 2022, CCTV "Economic 30 Minutes" reported the story of an Alibaba rural vitalization commissioner helping farmers in remote rural areas to develop live streaming marketing.

Among live streamers are celebrities and influencers, as well as people from remote rural areas. There is no "routine" in their live streaming, and it may look down-home, but their authenticity and sincerity have attracted a lot of followers and skyrocketed the sales of local products. Wangqing County, Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province was a national poverty-stricken county two years ago. To make a living, most people in the village of Manhe, Wangqing County have moved away, leaving only 45 households.

After coming to Manhe, Jiang Changzheng, an Alibaba rural vitalization commissioner, finds that the local black fungus and honey here are of good quality, but do not sell at a good price.


Jiang Changzheng started the "E-commerce Beginner Course". At the beginning, the villagers thought he was a con artist. He worked with Ren Yi, secretary of the village Party branch, in sorting out the whole industry chain of black fungus, and organized the first public welfare live streaming on Jun 11, 2020. Within 3 seconds, 7,000 orders were placed, worth RMB 600,000. The instant success eliminated the concerns of local businesses and farmers, and made them see the power of digital economy.

Today, two years later, Manhe village has not just gotten rid of poverty, but has become a well-known "internet celebrity village" for e-commerce live streaming. There are 33 e-commerce stores and one live streamer among the 45 households in the village. There is no "routine" in their live streaming, and it may look down-home, but their authenticity and sincerity have attracted a lot of followers and skyrocketed the sales of local products.

By opening online stores, doing live streaming, growing high-quality agricultural products, and cultivating digital economy talents, Alibaba rural vitalization commissioners have imparted internet thinking deeply to the vast rural populations.

Since Jun 2019, Alibaba Foundation has sent more than 20 senior employees to 23 underdeveloped counties across China, including Wangqing in Jilin, Pingshun in Shanxi, Yijun in Shaanxi, Lixian in Gansu, and Julu in Hebei, to bring Alibaba's full-fledged digital operation experience, platform, and resources into rural areas, and explore a new model of "Internet +" rural revitalization from the perspectives of industry, talent, and technology.

Over the past two years, these Alibaba commissioners have been sweating blood over one village after another. By supporting e-commerce operations, carrying out live streaming training, and building intelligent logistics centers, they have connected remote mountainous areas with the internet and delivered training to the fields. By so doing, they empower senior farmers to become "digital farmers" and "live streaming influencers", making e-commerce an effective carrier for poverty alleviation.


Data becomes new agricultural materials, phones become new agricultural tools, and live streaming becomes new farm work.

Data shows that Alibaba's e-commerce platforms have created over 5,000 Taobao villages across China, over 110,000 farmer live streamers, 120,000 entrepreneurial opportunities, and over 340,000 direct jobs.

The new villages benefiting from the internet economy have also produced scale demonstration effect like that of those 18 farmers in Xiaogang Village distributing the farmland owned by the village collective to individual households. Over the past three years, 832 state-level poverty-stricken counties have achieved online sales of over RMB 270 billion solely on Alibaba's platforms.