2022 03 23

"Jasmine Flower" Blossoms in Spring - An Ensemble Performed by Julu Students and Alibaba "Pop Music Club"

"What a beautiful jasmine flower. Sweet-smelling, beautiful, stems full of buds. Fragrant and white, everyone praises. Let me pluck you down to give to someone else. Jasmine flower, oh jasmine flower..." With the melodious sound of the piano, the traditional Chinese folk song "Jasmine Flower" is performed online by the students of Bozhuang Elementary School in Julu County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, and 9 young members of the Alibaba's " Pop Music Club". Its sweet and healing melody brings warm sunshine to everyone in this spring amid the pandemic.


Gao Quan, the behind-the-scene producer of this MV, also Alibaba's special commissioner in Julu County, tells journalists that the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) and charitable merchants have donated a number of music amenities, such as pianos and music classrooms to Julu students in recent years. These donations allow children in the underdeveloped county to get the chance to receive music education just like their peers in big cities, which sprouts a concert dream in the children's heart. During the Spring Festival, Gao Quan invites his colleagues from the Alibaba's "Pop Music Club" to participate, and they respond with enormous enthusiasm.

     The recurring pandemic keeps postponing the children's concert dream. Finally, it has to be held in the form of online recording. Those slashies of Alibaba use their spare time to help the children compose and tune, utilize their musical talent to accompany the children with the violin, guitar, bass, and other instruments.


"Despite how big the world is, music is always there. We hope these children can grow up with music and dream big with music in their hearts," says Qingya, the leader of Lala Band of Alibaba Pop Music Club, also a technical staff of Taobao. When the pandemic is over, they plan to hold a real offline concert for the children.


 It is said that in recent years, SAFE has supported the development of Julu's education, improved the artistic quality of middle and elementary school teachers and students in Julu County, deeply integrated poverty alleviation with education through teacher training courses and construction projects with SAFE aid or donations, thereby promoting the development of quality education in the county. Last year, they also equipped classrooms of middle and elementary schools in the county with 68 pianos, empowering students in Julu County for a better future.


 Meanwhile, under the guidance of SAFE, Alibaba Foundation and One Foundation carry out aid events in Julu especially in the education sector, and launch a series of aid events such as New Future High School Student, Songguo Philanthropy Classroom, Joe Tsai Vocational Education, Music Classroom, and Playground, so that Julu children can enjoy better educational resources.


Bo Guoxian, head of Bozhuang Elementary School, expresses great gratitude to SAFE and Alibaba Foundation for their support. These music amenities have aroused children's interest in music and enriched their life after school. 

He says that many children signed up for this online concert, and the children participating in the performance were finally determined by audition. "Although they are not skilled enough, they all work very hard and are enthusiastic about music." It is the first time that the children participate in a concert together. Everyone is so happy. They are looking forward to organizing an offline show with members of Alibaba Pop Music Club in the future when the pandemic is over.