2022 11 07

200 Million "Love Beans" Sowed During Alibaba 95 Philanthropy Week to Spread Love

(September 9) As of 24:00 on September 8, a total of 260 million users, 2.2 million sellers, and over 40 Chinese philanthropy organizations have taken part in the 6th Alibaba 95 Philanthropy Week, contributing their efforts to more than 100 public welfare activities. Besides, 20 platforms and apps in the Alibaba ecosystem, including Taobao, Tmall, Amap, and Ele.me, have also rolled out featured philanthropy campaigns.


During the 95 Philanthropy Week, people participate in Internet philanthropy activities such as the Sports for Philanthropy and the Reading for Philanthropy projects by collecting and donating virtual "love beans." It's estimated that Alibaba Philanthropy distributed 200 million love beans during the week, which will produce more philanthropy fruits in the future.


"Philanthropy is about the awakening of people's awareness and persistence. The Philanthropy Week will never end; it's becoming an integral part of our life. As more seeds of love and kindness are shared among people, and more technologies and platforms are involved, it will become easier and some daily routines to participate in philanthropy," said Sun Lijun, Chair of Directors of Alibaba Foundation. 


Gen Z Accounts for Nearly 30% of "Love Beans" Participants as Philanthropy Becoming More Accessible and Fun


Alibaba held its first 95 Philanthropy Week and proposed the initiative of "Three Hours for a Better World" on China's Charity Day in 2017. A philanthropy platform named 3-Hour Philanthropy was therefore launched. After five years, the 3-Hour Philanthropy mini-program was launched on more than 20 apps such as Taobao, Alipay, and WeChat.


During this year's 95 Philanthropy Week, the "Love Beans Growth Plan" went live on the platform, offering a new way for people to participate in philanthropy. Users can collect "love beans" by doing sports, reading e-books, writing letters, answering questions, jumping ropes, and acquiring medical knowledge and exchange them for small gifts. Users can also donate their "love beans" to specific philanthropy projects, and the donations will become maintenance funds for sports fields and soccer fields as well as sports kits for children in rural areas. 


[Image: Soccer Fields Funded by One Foundation]

According to statistics, users donated 50 million "love beans" to many other philanthropy projects during the 95 Philanthropy Week this year, helping the Old Creek Nature Reserve Protection project and the Wild Duck Lake Protection project, among others, achieve their fundraising goals in a short space of time. This means with one philanthropic act to collect "love beans," users can be engaged in two or more public welfare projects.


For example, the Quark Browser team initiated the Reading for Philanthropy project on 3-Hour Philanthropy. Users can earn up to 60 "love beans" a day by reading books aloud for left-behind children in rural areas and visually impaired people via the 3-Hour Philanthropy mini-program on Quark, Alipay, Taobao, etc. 


[Image: Reading for Philanthropy Initiated by Quark Team During 95 Philanthropy Week]

In addition, many famous actors, singers, and hosts such as Wang Kai, Yang Lixin, Zeng Li, Aya, Chen Xingxu, Zhu Zitong, and Zhou Keyu are invited to lead the reading teams. Users can join any of the teams and read aloud for beneficiaries as required. When a team has collected a specified number of up-to-standard audio tracks, the corresponding philanthropy project will be implemented offline.


In addition to reading aloud, there are many other fun philanthropic activities on the platform for users to collect beans and spread love, such as by donating blood, answering questions, and jumping ropes. As the Internet is making philanthropy simpler and more interesting, more and more young people are attracted to this meaningful practice.


Statistics show that during this year's 95 Philanthropy Week, nearly 30% of the "love beans" collectors are generation Z.


Ecosystem Collaboration to Empower Participatory Philanthropy


The 95 Philanthropy Week is the most important philanthropy campaign of the year. This year, 20 platforms and products in Alibaba ecosystem, including Taobao, Tmall, Cainiao, Xianyu, and Amap, participated in the event and rolled out various philanthropy activities.


Amap, for example, launched a blood donation campaign in synergy with China's National Health Commission. By leveraging the official POI data, they developed a blood donation map for users to search for and go to the nearby donation sites. In addition to locating the sites, Amap users can view their business hours, campaigns, and notices. They can also learn blood donation knowledge provided in the portal or directly contact on-site staff if they have any questions.


[Image: Friendly Community for the Elderly Program]


More importantly, in addition to Alibaba's ecosystem, the entire society was mobilized during the 95 Philanthropy Week. A total of 260 million users, 2.2 million sellers, and more than 40 Chinese philanthropy organizations participated in the event, and more than 100 philanthropy activities and projects were launched including Love Coupons, Donate Together, Children's Service Stations, The Power of an Egg, and Friendly Community for the Elderly to share the positive energy with more people 


The society-wide collaboration has extended the boundary of philanthropy. "We always believe that Alibaba is just playing a small role in philanthropy. We're glad to see that more and more like-minded people are joining us in this cause. Only when everyone participates in philanthropy can philanthropy benefits more people. Philanthropy is the best way to connect people and spread love," said Sun Lijun.


The continuity of philanthropic acts has always been a problem. This year, the 3-Hour Philanthropy platform piloted Zhejiang Philanthropy Account under the guidance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and with the support of the Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau. Natives of Zhejiang and people who are working, studying, or living in Zhejiang can apply for a philanthropy account.