2022 11 07

Alibaba Foundation Donated RMB 5 Million to Help with Search-and-rescue and Disaster Relief from Earthquake in Sichuan Province

A Ms 6.8 earthquake struck Luding County in Sichuan province, China. Alibaba Foundation immediately launched its emergency response plan on the night of September 5, 2022 and donated RMB 5 million to help with search-and-rescue and disaster relief.

Alibaba Foundation will pay close attention to and support the rescue and relief operations across China. The rural vitalization commissioners of Alibaba Foundation in Luding County also joined the rescue and relief operations.

In addition, Alibaba Foundation worked with non-profit organizations, such as Chinese Red Cross Foundation, China Social Assistance Foundation, One Foundation, and The Amity Foundation, to initiate the "9.5 Philanthropy Week" on the same night to encourage more people to donate and help with disaster relief.