Goods for Good

Fill each transaction with love

Goods for Good

"Goods for Good" originated from "Goods for Love" which was initiated in 2006. Back then, money was donated to Zhou Lihong (owner of the "Model Baby's House") who was terminally ill but still worked hard despite the difficulty. After over 10 years of development, "Goods for Love" has bloomed into today's "Goods for Good".

Taobao sellers can set "Goods on Sale" as "Goods for Good" in the back end at their discretion, select designated philanthropic project and set the donation amount or proportion. After buyers purchase goods that are marked with "Goods for Good" on Taobao, the platform will donate the money to the designated charitable organization or project based on the amount set by the seller.

"Goods for Good" is now the major channel for Taobao sellers to directly participate in philanthropic causes. Since its creation, "Goods for Good" has attracted over 8 million sellers. A total of 700 million users have participated, contributing 47.3 billion love orders that helped 43 million people.




Order Value(100 million)


Number of poverty-stricken people receiving help