Three-hour Voluntary Service Platform

Online philanthropy for everyone

A Philanthropy Platform for All

In 2017, libaba Philanthropy joined hands with various industries and sellers in calling on the society to join in the Three Hours for a Better World initiative, in a bid to evoke kindness and to bring small yet beautiful changes to the world with action.

The Three-hour Voluntary Service platform attracts over 1 million people to do philanthropic work online and offline every day, and contributes 67 million philanthropic hours to the society in 2021. So far, a total of 4,000 volunteer service organizations have registered with the Three-hour Voluntary Service platform. Through social mobilization, the platform has attracted over 5 million volunteers who have contributed over 10 million philanthropic hours.

Philanthropy for All

Through low-threshold behaviors such as step donation, voice donation and philanthropic Q&A, everyone can do philanthropic work anytime and anywhere. Over 200 million users participate in the "Sports for Philanthropy" step donation event every year. So far, over 1.8 trillion steps have been donated. If connected, the steps can circle around the earth 30,000 times. Thanks to their efforts, sunshine athletic tracks and sports bags have been donated to over 50 elementary schools across poverty-stricken areas in Sichuan, Guizhou and Qinghai provinces.

In June 2021, the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Cultural and Philanthropy Platform" was officially launched. By the end of December, over 100 million people have participated in the Winter Olympics Philanthropy event via the platform.

Philanthropic Footprint
Starting from the Spring Festival of 2020, Philanthropic Footprint records the netizen's participation in Alibaba ecosystem's philanthropic events on the "philanthropy bill". Within one week of launch, Philanthropic Footprint attracted over 7 million kindhearted netizens. In 2021, over 10 million netizens participated in events organized by Philanthropic Footprint.