Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains

Reduce burden on the planet Earth


Commitment to Environmental Protection

Alibaba Philanthropy aims to raise public awareness of environmental protection, conduct environmental governance and popularize education on nature conservancy, and support the development of environmental protection charitable organizations.

Alibaba Philanthropy has so far invested nearly RMB 400 million, sponsored 323 philanthropic projects, and pooled together over RMB 300 million of environmental governance funds to water resources protection, education on nature conservancy, low-carbon life and other events. All these efforts answer the government's call that "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets".


Guardian of Green Planet

From 2019 to 2021 for three consecutive years, Alibaba, together with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China, organized the 65 Environment Day online environmental protection event on June 5. The event drew about 930 million people to green actions.


Low Carbon Products for Greener Life

By linking online and offline green life scenarios, we allowed users to redeem their philanthropy reward points, made personal green life quantifiable, recordable and encourageable, and used digital technology to increase the public awareness of low-carbon life.

At the 2021 Computing Conference, Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, Alibaba Philanthropy and Amap jointly launched the Beijing "MaaS Mobility for Green City" inclusive philanthropy project. Citizens can obtain low-carbon energy by using green means of transportation, such as bus, subway, cycling and walking. With one click, the low-carbon energy in the citizen's personal account can be converted into support for philanthropic projects, such as ecological environment protection and rare animal protection.


Water Resources Protection

Alibaba delved deeper into environmental governance with water environmental protection at its core, and explored innovative ecological protection methods for water sources protection in China. Alibaba Philanthropy, Wanxiang Trust and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) jointly launched the Qingshan Village Longwu Small Water Source Protection Project. Through centralized management of land in the catchment area, ecological restoration and other ecological governance methods, agricultural pollution of the water source area was eliminated and water source conservation functions were restored. Water quality was improved to Class I in China's standard within four years.


Education on Nature Conservancy

"Only by raising the public awareness can we retain the lucid water and lush sky in China". Alibaba Philanthropy advocates the philosophy of "making nature an integral part of our life". To this end, Alibaba Philanthropy started to promote the development of education on nature conservancy in China in 2012, hoping to get more people closer to and know more about nature so more people will contribute to nature conservancy.