Rural Revitalization

Sci-tech development, industry development and talent development

Alibaba Rural Revitalization Fund

In December 2017, Alibaba established a poverty alleviation fund. Focusing on education, health, women, ecology and e-commerce poverty alleviation, the fund aims to create a "sustainable, inclusive and imitable" online poverty alleviation model and play a role in China's fight against poverty. Since 2019, experienced employees have been sent to underdeveloped counties as "poverty alleviation commissioners" who inject Alibaba's digital capabilities into rural areas.

In May 2021, Alibaba Group unveiled the "Hometown Initiative" to promote rural revitalization through three channels, i.e., sci-tech development, industry development and talent development. The "Alibaba Poverty Alleviation Fund" established in 2017 was renamed the "Alibaba Rural Revitalization Fund".

Talent Development

Customer Service County

Bring education and career resources to the countryside, and help rural talents build their careers.

The "Customer Service County" project in Xunwu, Jiangxi Province created job opportunities for 350 locals. He Lina, a local customer service staff, is the mother of a young kid. This local job offers her a monthly income of RMB 4,000 or 5,000 while she caters to her kid. Now, as the vanguard team leader, she oversees a small team and finds self-confidence in the workplace.


customer service staff in Xunwu County


average income

Industry Development

A Better Life in the Remote Areas

Alibaba conducts industry planning drawing on local strengths and resources, and drives the development of rural industries by leveraging the market, technology and infrastructure, such as Cainiao warehouses and logistics.

Alibaba's designers helped Yijun County in Shaanxi Province design the outer packaging for agricultural products. Integrating elements from paper-cutting, farmers' paintings and other folk arts, the design brought the local villagers an additional income of RMB 30 million, and offered consumers a feast for the eyes and the stomach.


increase in retail price of agricultural products


estimated income increase (RMB 10,000)

Sci-tech Developmen

Through Smart Breeding

Alibaba and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences jointly created the "Smart Breeding Public Service Platform" to help improve the level of digitalization in agricultural technology and smart breeding. Additionally, "digital farms" have been established across 11 provinces. Through technologies such as AIoT and blockchain, AI remote sensing, farmland, crops, environment, planting and sales info is digitized to explore ways of technology implementation in rural areas.


The Alibaba Rural Revitalization Commissioner Project

In May 2019, Alibaba launched the "Poverty Alleviation Commissioner" project and selected experienced employees to empower local development with Alibaba's resources. Now, Alibaba "poverty alleviation commissioner" is renamed Alibaba "rural revitalization commissioner".

By the end of 2021, a total of 24 "rural revitalization commissioners" have been sent to 23 underdeveloped counties in 13 provinces across China to advance rural revitalization.