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Alibaba Philanthropy Platform

Alibaba Philanthropy Platform is one of the first public fundraising information platforms appointed by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 2016 for charitable organizations. Operated by Alibaba Foundation, the platform supports fundraising events for charitable organizations under the requirements of Charity Law and relevant industry standards of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The platform integrates philanthropy, an elastic demand, into everyone's daily life through products, technologies, and services, and drives merchants and users of the platform to actively participate in philanthropy donation events through specialized operating methods. In 2021, the platform had 2,506 online philanthropic projects, raised over RMB 500 million for charitable organizations, with about 740 million people participating in the donations.

At present, Alibaba Philanthropy Platform serves charitable organizations mainly through Goods for Good and Online Charity Stores. From a professional perspective, it cooperates with internal and external experts to introduce and carry out high-quality charitable projects and internet fundraising, works with AntChain in launching the "Charities on the Chain Project", and stores all donation data on the blockchain. At least 70% of projects can be traced from donators to beneficiaries, making every penny transparent and every kindness traceable.

In 2021, the Tmall Double 11 Goods for Good Project raised funds for philanthropic projects, including the Backbone Project, the Child Companion Plan and the Nutritious Meals Program, which benefited 1.1 million people.


Online philanthropic projects


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Goods for Good

"Goods for Good" originated from "Goods for Love" which was initiated in 2006. Back then, money was donated to Zhou Lihong (owner of the "Model Baby's House") who was terminally ill but still worked hard despite the difficulty. After over 10 years of development, "Goods for Love" has bloomed into today's "Goods for Good". Taobao sellers can set "Goods on Sale" as "Goods for Good" in the back end at their discretion, select designated philanthropic project and set the donation amount or proportion. After buyers purchase goods that are marked with "Goods for Good" on Taobao, the platform will donate the money to the designated charitable organization or project based on the amount set by the seller.

"Goods for Good" is now the major channel for Taobao sellers to directly participate in philanthropic causes. Since its creation, "Goods for Good" has attracted over 8 million sellers. A total of 700 million users have participated, contributing 47.3 billion love orders that helped 43 million people.

Online Charity Stores

With the help of Alibaba platforms, public fundraising charitable organizations have opened Taobao, Tmall online stores to interact with consumers. Through these windows, they provide consumers with various interesting, real-time and meaningful philanthropy experience.

As of the end of 2021, over 200 charitable organizations have opened online charity stores on the Alibaba Philanthropy Platform, receiving the platform's exclusive certifications and enjoying philanthropy support policies. In 2021, over 3.89 million consumers donated over RMB 116 million in online charity stores.

Charities on the Chain

Starting in 2019, Alibaba Philanthropy and Ant Chain have launched the "Charities on the Chain Project", which is based on the underlying services of the blockchain. The project aims to engage multiple parties through technology and improve the credibility of the platform fundraising project. In September 2020, Alibaba Foundation officially released the first group standards for "Technology and Application Specification for Consortium Blockchain of Philanthropy".

As of the end of 2021, Alibaba Philanthropy Platform has stored all donation records on the blockchain, and 48 charitable organizations have joined the "Charities on the Chain Project". 86 philanthropic projects, with a total of 15 billion Goods for Good donations and 7 million beneficiaries, were totally traceable.

The Backbone Project

This project is jointly launched by Alibaba Philanthropy and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, incorporating health protection with philanthropy insurance, and provides exclusive philanthropy insurance for low-income populations aged 18-60 (people who are prone to return to poverty, low-income households, and people in extreme poverty).

Child Companion Plan

This plan is jointly launched by Alibaba Philanthropy and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation for the purpose of children's welfare and protection. Adopting the model of "one person, one family and one tie", the plan establishes a guardian network for left-behind children at the village level, explores effective ways to protect their welfare and rights, and provides a reference for the landing of government policies.

As of the end of 2020, the Child Companion Plan has collected and settled over 206,600 cases of child welfare issues, and organized 109,000 times of Child Companion events. Over 1.3369 million children and 259,000 parents participated in such events.